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Cherry&Walnut jam

May be for somebody it is an ordinary jam, nothing special, for somebody, but not for me. For a jar of ruby dainty I ...no-no-no, I'm not going to sell my soul, but if I'm offered to choose among Nutella, condensed milk and this cherry jam I will stopped on the last one. And there are some reasons for it.

This jam is skillful. It does all its best while cooking: the aroma attracts, charms, turns my head, knocks me down - in general, you understand me! The second cause is no less convincing: you can buy the chocolate paste and condensed milk in every supermarket when you want, even at night, even at severe cold or harassing heat. Cherry jam is completely different in this way. It's almost unreal to find natural one in the supermarket and you have a chance to cook it only in summer. But all charm is in it. It's pleasant to remember harvest, nights in the company of big pans with gurgling berries, especially in winter, warming by a cup of aroma cherry drink. And finally there are nuts in this jam. Walnuts - I like them so much, but I'm sure it'll be delicious with almonds too. I suppose the second portion will be with them!

Cherry&Walnut jam

We need:

1 kg cherry
1 kg sugar
walnuts - optional


1. Wash berries, remove seeds using special device.
2. In a preserving pan (I use copper one) make sugar syrup. Put berries in boiling syrup, boil about 15 minutes, removing scum from the jam from time to time. Put nuts at the end of cooking.
3. Pour cooked jam in hot jars and close the lids. Let them cold on the room temperature, then put them in a dark place.

 It's so delicious! Just taste it :)



Вишневое варенье с грецким орехом


1 кг вишни
1 кг сахара
грецкие орехи - опционально


1. Вишню вымыть, специальным приспособлением вынуть косточки.
2. В медном тазу сделать сахарный сироп. Положить ягоды в кипящий сироп, кипятить 15 минут, периодически снимая пену. В конце варки добавить орехи.
3. Готовое варенье разлить в стерилизованные банки и закатать их.

Приятного чаепития!

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  1. Hi anna, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, now I found your blog and relly like what I see. I am looking forward to following you :) This recipe caught my eye since I am a big fan of home made jams! It looks lovely :)

  2. Thank you, Tamara! I'm glad to see you here in my blog. I love home-made jams too :)